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Make documents work in the mobile device era
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Increase customer retention and employee engagement

Do you want clients with mobile devices to always remember your business? Are you keen for all your employees and partners to know what's new with your business? Offer them the opportunity to install your mobile business app full of useful content, then just keep producing engaging materials and will take care of the rest.

Communicate differently

Mass emails, SMSs, brochures, and banners are mostly treated like spam nowadays. Your mobile application is a gentle but effective way of sharing information without getting mixed up with other advertising spam. If you think you have enough trust then send push-messages to drive engagement.

Speed up business processes

The speed of any business process directly depends on the speed of the communications involved. It doesn't matter whether you are running an advertising campaign or managing a project or department: you always have to ensure that everyone is fully informed in time. There is no faster, easier, or more reliable way to reach this goal than using your mobile apps. You can start to increase the efficiency of your business communications for free today.

Save costs and double your document workflow efficiency

Most of the public information that companies generate is distributed in print. Catalogs, goods descriptions, brochures, presentations, guides, magazines, reports, and many more. Calculate your costs for printing, storing, and delivering these materials—it's pretty high. Next, think about how much time passes before print material reaches its target readers and how many pages are immediately put into the trash. Now compare all this with a simple online service that lets you store and organize all your print materials in one space accessible using a smartphone or tablet. And no expensive IT projects needed—just create your business library on and start uploading documents for free today.

Create a tech company image and save more resources

Everyone's crazy about mobile apps. Everyone wants their own business app, but so few really get it right. No one will believe that you've got a mobile app up and running successfully within two weeks without involving a single IT specialist. But with you don't need to prove anything—just continue uploading materials to and spreading your mobile apps to your clients. You'll create a high-tech image for your company—and not having to fork out for IT projects will save a lot of time and money.

Get your mobile apps as easy as ABC

  • A Upload PDF
  • B Pick a color theme
  • C Set login for your account