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Keep meetings effective with Publ.com follow-ups

The meeting is over, the main points have been discussed, and tasks have been allocated. What is the best way to ensure that the team stays on track?

Publish the follow-up via Publ.com. The document will be delivered to your team members’ smartphones or tablets within seconds. They now have constant access to their goals, deadlines, and progress: No more excuses.

Were changes made? Just one click will send an update to all devices simultaneously and inform team members with a push-notification or splash-screen.

No e-mailing, no “Oh, I haven’t checked my mailbox yet” or “It must be in my junkmail.”

Save time and enjoy a more effective team!

Create timely and stylish reports

Imagine an ideal world: People are at their desks from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm. From CEO to interns, everybody is there when you need them. How convenient it would be.

Unfortunately, people fall sick or take holidays and business trips. Traffic jams and other “acts of God” can prevent people from getting to the office on time, or at all.

However, they still want to keep in touch with what is going on and see your report that was due today.

Deliver it via a mobile app. It will reach recipients instantly and you do not need to worry about format, loading time, and possible distortions of texts or images.

Publ.com offers an excellent reading experience: Including zooming, navigation using table of contents and bookmarks, and offline access. All of this will add a touch of style to your document and ensure that your audience appreciates your efforts.

Better engagement with mobile presentations

Do you have an upcoming presentation? Send materials to attendees via Publ.com app.

Instead of gazing at a projector screen, straining their eyes, and asking “What’s there?” attendees can check the presentation using the app. They can return to previous slides if they miss something, and bookmark sections of particular interest.

There is also no need for a post-presentation follow-up: Attendees already have all the materials. This could be extremely convenient if you are presenting to potential clients. And what if you create an online presentation? Just distribute the QR-code for your publication: One click and everything is done. So much easier than a massive post-presentation mailing effort.

Easy way to inform and notify

Where do you keep position descriptions and corporate guidelines? How do you inform staff about important events?

If you still use mass-mail or distribute hand-outs, consider Publ.com.

Aside from the obvious paper and time savings, the importance of your announcements will be emphasized. Of course, you can always label the e-mail “URGENT”, but it is better to send the document, accompanied by a short text message, to a mobile device.

What is more, there is no need for a constant Wi-Fi connection. Once the document is opened in the app it is downloaded to the device. It can then be checked offline later.