Ready mobile apps for Publishers

Boost online book sales with pre-reads

A book is judged by its cover. But few people are only satisfied with the cover.

Give your customers the feel of visiting a real bookstore, where they can thoroughly check out the book and feel comfortable with their choice.

Publish pre-reads of 5–15 pages with a link to a “Buy Now” website page. The reader becomes aquainted with the author’s style and proceeds to purchase.

Right place for your magazines

What’s the main drawback of using popular digital publishing platforms for your magazines? The space is crammed with all sorts of content, and even a very nice, professionally crafted issue can go unnoticed.

With Publ mobile app you create libraries containing only your editions. What is more, the mobile app sends your readers a notification each time a new issue is published, so your audience is always up to date.

Use QR codes to establish a reverse connection! Place them in your print issues, so that when readers download your app they can preview upcoming paper issues in digital format. This is an elegant way of retaining customers by reminding them to buy print issues once they are published.

Newspapers are perfect on small screens

Sounds controversial doesn’t it? Usually, the opposite is true. You take a PDF with a perfect layout, and it becomes almost unreadable on a smartphone screen because of all the small text columns.

Publ mobile app makes reading a newspaper format comfortable. You just double tap any text block and it is enlarged and fitted to screen. A second double tap returns you to the whole issue. The same process works for photos.

Smart promotion for your publications

With Publ app, you can publish any announcements of events, promo campaigns, and special offers related to your issues. Communicating with readers via Publ mobile app provides a direct and trustworthy channel for reaching out to your audience and boosting their loyalty and engagement with your content.