Ready mobile apps for Educators

Deploy promotional materials directly to applicants

Send everything anybody needs to know about your university or school straight to their mobile devices. Encourage students and parents to visit your institution by publishing the latest open day announcements, brochures, and pamphlets. All updates come with an on-screen push-notification, so news or important changes won’t be missed. Ensure a wide audience for your publication: All popular mobile devices are compatible with the solution.

Fresh approach to issuing periodicals

Does your educational institution have an in-house magazine? Share it with club members through Publ mobile app!

Whether your colleagues are at lunch or on vacation they will be able to check the latest issue on their tablet or phone. They will also benefit from a digital magazine that loads quickly and can then be accessed without an Internet connection. Offline support means that your subscribers can decide when and where to read the paper.

Scholars and tutors don’t have much time on their hands, but they like to read. Publ mobile app lets them do so in comfort, when and where they please.

Convenient study with digital textbooks

Solve the “I forgot my coursebook” problem once and for all: Publish guidelines and other educational materials via a mobile app. Paper books are heavy and have a limited lifespan, whereas tablets and smartphones are light and portable. They have become a must have item for children and adults alike.

With online books, materials and quality are constantly updated, and even very large books are easy to navigate using the “Table of Contents” feature. Small texts look good on any screen with the “Text Block Zoom” option (if the text is divided into columns).

If the classroom has no wi-fi access the book is still accessible: Once the book is downloaded, it is always available offline

Stylish reports and announcementse

Keep students up to date with what’s happening outside the classroom. Whether it be academic competitions and their results, round tables, lectures by visiting professors, or information regarding scientific publications - all you need to do is to upload a PDF to One click and the news will be sent to all mobile devices on which your app is installed. is the most modern and convenient method of engaging students in all kinds of educational activities.