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Convert your readers into buyers with catalogs

Create a mobile app for your catalog in a few minutes. Nice price, no extra effort.

Creating a good mobile app is no easy task. Development is expensive and lengthy with an unpredictable outcome. However, despite the high risks, you feel you need a mobile app to boost interest in your catalog and increase sales.

Get your own mobile app with today.

All you need is a PDF. Upload your catalog via and enjoy a neat, stylish mobile app ready for any device from iPad to Android smartphone. Prices or items changed? Update your digital catalog in one click and provide readers with up-to-date content!

Establish a direct channel to your customers

Time-consuming discussions with third parties are a thing of the past. Now it’s all about you, your content, and your readers. Notify customers of important updates, special offers, or new arrivals in your catalog the very second they are available. First, push technology or splash screen messages will alert them to the update. Then, a small red/yellow label in the corner of the app icon will keep reminding them to check the publication.

Satisfy your readers with simple navigation and a premium look

Don’t force your potential buyers to keep scrolling the PDF until they find the required item.

Distribute the catalog through for smooth framing, navigation, and zooming on mobile devices. The high quality and stylish look of your content is retained, even on the smallest screen.

Checked the catalog on iPad and liked it? So will your customers on their iPhone or Android smartphones!

Smooth publishing for large catalogs

Whether your catalog has 10 or 1000 pages, publish it to! Why? Because your customers won’t notice the difference.

Each page is downloaded separately, so if your customers want to check page 345 they don’t have to wait for the previous 344 to load. And while they browse the desired page, the rest are downloading in the background.

In addition, once the digital catalog is downloaded readers don’t have to re-download it each time when opening the app. It is available for reading on a train, plane, or anywhere else with no Internet connection.

Your App in the App Store or Google Play Market

Customize your app with an icon and your company’s name. Make it searchable in the App Store and Google Play. Get it to Newsstand!

Get your catalogs working and earning for you with