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Do you want to avoid a complicated and costly mobile app development process? Do you need guaranteed results that you can’t get from standard self-publishing services? allows you to publish books for mobile devices in seconds. Take a PDF, convert it via, and you’ll have a full-functioning mobile app containing your book. The apps are compatible with all iOS and Android devices, so you can reach audiences everywhere.

Send your books straight to readers

Have you got a new chapter to share? A new novel? Don’t waste time discussing and approving your update, just go to and publish it. The new publication will appear in the app immediately.

“Bzz!” – app users will receive a push-technology or splash-screen notification. They need never miss a new entry or important update. All you need is a PDF and

What if a reader just doesn’t have time to check an update as soon as it’s available? Don’t worry; a red/orange label on the icon will remind them to return to your book.

Exceed all reading quality demands

A bad reading experience is annoying. PDFs may look good, but seemingly endless scrolling angers users. Zooming that prevents access to other pages only increases their anger.

Save your readers from these feelings! not only creates a distribution channel for your books, but it also serves as a convenient and modern reader. It gives your publications a professional look and smooth navigation. No more scrolling; the reader can immediately select the desired page. Zooming is convenient and helps the reading process, rather than hindering it.

From short story to epic – publish books of any size

Whether your book is 20 or 2000 pages long, your readers won’t notice the difference. They can start reading from any location without waiting for the whole publication to load. Once a specific page is selected, it is loaded within a second, and while the reader is studying the page, other pages are downloading in the background.

Opening a book just once with an Internet connection is sufficient to download it to a mobile device. It is then always available in offline mode, enabling use when commuting or flying!

Want your app in the App Store and Google Play Market? Certainly!

Want to publish a book and then promote and sell it through the App Store and Google Play Market? Great idea! We will help you get it done. is all you need for successful mobile publishing.