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Mobile Sales Tool List You’ve Been Waiting For

Field sales reps and on-the-go representatives already have the convenience of showing marketing materials and product presentations on their laptops, but there are drawbacks to doing so. First, connecting to the Internet is not always an option in the field, and we can’t always ensure the rep’s ability to deliver the necessary information on time because so many steps (e.g., sending email, determining whether the client got it, waiting for feedback, arranging the next meeting) are involved. Second, laptops have not resolved the issue of delivering content to a large number of people, which is especially relevant for conferences and event marketing. Third, because today’s users don’t “go online” but instead “live online” with their mobile devices, it’s always better to optimize the sales process and be available 24/7 to share and represent marketing files and brochures in the best manner.

Mobile Sales Tool List Youve Been Waiting For

What are some mobile sales tools you can use to get better results? Can mobile apps help you pull up sales presentations on your iPad or share them instantly with a QR code?

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Why Mobile is a Brand New Driver for Your Sales

There is a lot of buzz around mobile apps but what are the new opportunities out there? Recent research by Adobe has answered this question.

It’s amazing that an absolute majority (89%) of marketing and sales specialists believe they’re on the right track with their sales enablement strategy but they also believe that serious changes need to take place for them to maintain their leading positions in the market. The unbelievably mobile environment of tight deadlines, the need to be online 24/7, and deals that are signed and closed on the move, all pose entirely new demands for sales professionals. However, the technology has not yet been adopted by the majority of companies – only 30% of sales reps use innovative sales enablement platforms.

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