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All Industries Are Rushing Towards Mobile. See Why.

If you have a website, you definitely want it to open up well on mobile, and you should even go beyond mobile browsing when it comes to your loyal clients. You should also build a mobile app. Why?

Maybe the high cost of building a mobile app is making you hesitate about spending the time and money. Let’s find out why it’s totally worth it for any industry.


All Industries Are Rushing Towards Mobile. See Why.

Image Courtesy: NextBigWhat Blog, Google Acquires AdMob

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The Overview of Mobile App Market: Why You Should Enter Now

When we first thought about entering the mobile app market with our product, we scratched our heads over the real volume of the market and its potential. Mobile is very much a hot trend but there was not enough classified information on:

–       who are the key market players;
–       how big the market is in terms of money;
–       how much you can earn in the mobile app market;
–       why a business should opt for mobile apps in general;
–       ways to make a mobile app.

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