Mobile technologies can be used in various ways. Big brands that develop other products and services can still use mobile apps for business to attract the attention of digitally advanced audiences. Despite the common stereotype, it doesn’t necessarily mean that only users from developed countries become engaged. Developing countries also show high levels of smartphone intervention due to decreasing mobile device costs and the expansion of the mobile Internet.

Using Mobile Apps for Business: Successful Cases

Image Source: CSE Web Solutions, Mobile Apps for Business

You probably know a lot about mobile marketing using texts, but today I’d like to emphasize the use of mobile apps for business to strengthen a brand, increase coverage, or boost customer engagement through the longer sessions that are typical for mobile apps. While these mobile apps are usually free, some of them also help grow sales because they improve order processing either by collecting customers’ contact info or providing customers with forms they can fill out to order products or services directly. The most advanced apps also offer mobile payments but this area still needs work to become perfect. Most users are more familiar and comfortable with desktop payments.

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