According to recent research by Forrester, 8 of 10 senior mobile marketers are primarily concerned about customer engagement, and 55% of them seek to do so through a mobile presence. The same study indicates that modern marketers recognize mobile apps to be more effective than SMS or even mobile-optimized emails. As the entire landscape of ecommerce is currently changing and requires each company to have its own mobile app, a highly responsive and cross-platform website, and a strategy for mobile app engagement, you need to work on your perfect strategy. To improve your engagement rate, here are a few keys to your customers’ hearts:

–       Simplicity. Most likely, it’s easy for you to imagine how overloaded with information your customers are, because we all are. Remember to keep things simple with a clean design. The number of actions and elements on the screen should be reduced to a minimum (2 to 4 clicks and 3 to 5 elements).

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