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Front-Rank Mobile App Industry Players to Follow

In the past few years we’ve seen a significant move toward focused apps, in-app purchases, and increasing encroachment of the mobile advertising space. Today it is even more important that we finally take serious steps toward shifting from desktop to mobile networking and devices. In 2013, gross revenues in mobile apps and mobile advertising industries totaled $38 billion —quite impressive, and the number will only continue to grow. If we tease out revenue for mobile apps only, it’s projected to be about $70 billion annually by 2017 . Let’s look at some of the key mobile apps and mobile advertising market players that we should be watching.

  1. App Annie is the leading service for tracking user activity and app usage. It has recently earned enough investment to outship but one of its main competitors, and its growth is accelerating: at the moment 600,000 apps are using App Annie, along with 270,000 developers.

Front Rank Mobile App Industry Players to Follow

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Most Essential Mobile Shopping Trends for 2015

When do people buy using their smartphones? What’s the best time to schedule your mobile promos and sales? Undoubtedly, the trend is that mobile shopping is still gaining in strength but what was the exact growth of the market in 2014? Does the holiday season play a role? Opera Software provides answers to all of these questions. The findings are based on anonymous research of 270 million Opera browser users with the help of data aggregation.

While Mondays are the most popular day for laptop and desktop sales, with a gradually falling trend for the rest of the week, the situation is quite the opposite for mobile applications. Sunday is the top day for mobile shoppers while the least activity is seen on Fridays.

Most Essential Mobile Shopping Trends for 2015
Image Courtesy:, Mobile Shopping Trends: 106% Growth, Sunday Most Popular, Friday Least

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11 Ideas for Your Content-Based Mobile App

Ready to go mobile but not sure how to implement your company’s goals? There are several ways you can distribute content to your clients’ mobile devices and grow your profits at the same time. Here’s a cheat sheet with some helpful mobile app ideas:

  • Coupons. If you work in retail, coupons can be a great way to attract loyal customers and monetize through repeat purchases. Printed coupons may be lost or forgotten whereas the redemption rates for digital coupons are over 30% depending on the industry.
  • Promo materials. When launching a sale or a promo, you want to reach as many customers as possible. If you have a solid client base in your mobile app, a push notification will inform them about the sale – a week, a day or an hour before the actual start. This is more effective than a lost e-mail or an annoying text message from an unknown number.

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