Mobile marketing efficiency is unthinkable without qualitative mobile analytics for both apps and ads. This post reviews two of the most popular mobile analytics services and provides some additional insights about using mobile analytics.

Flurry Analytics

What Leading Mobile Analytics Platforms Have to Offer

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Flurry and Pinch Media merged several years ago, and were subsequently acquired by Yahoo! Inc. Both companies offered analytical software for iPhone and iPad devices, with some similar and some different functions. When the brands merged, they refined their combined functions to create a service that includes functions used by all of their respective clients. For example, Flurry supported Android and monitoring unique clickstream data (User Paths), while Pinch Media offered unique features such as tracking smartphones with jailbreak and evaluating data by categories compared to absolute indicators. The combined company now offers both. Since the acquisition by Yahoo!, developers have to register in the Yahoo! system for access.

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