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How a Content-Rich Mobile App Can Boost Your Customer Retention

Retaining your customers is every bit as important as getting them in the first place (especially SaaS ones), but it’s quite a challenge when brand loyalty is almost zero on the web, the range of competitors is endless, and sales or discounts are as tempting as ever. However, it’s not the end of the world as you can still get ahead of your competitors by building a thoughtful mobile app and distributing your content instantly.How a Content Rich Mobile App Can Boost Your Customer Retention

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The Overview of Mobile App Market: Why You Should Enter Now

When we first thought about entering the mobile app market with our product, we scratched our heads over the real volume of the market and its potential. Mobile is very much a hot trend but there was not enough classified information on:

–       who are the key market players;
–       how big the market is in terms of money;
–       how much you can earn in the mobile app market;
–       why a business should opt for mobile apps in general;
–       ways to make a mobile app.

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