I am happy to welcome Waqas Pitafi, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO  at DevBatch, Senior InfoSec Consultant (MS, University of Liverpool) as our guest writer. 
The most common reason to creating an app is when you want to develop customer loyalty, create awareness about your company, or attract new customers. Mobile apps work as a marketing channel for promoting your brand when it’s launched. Therefore, we expect mobile app advertisements to be an important source of generating revenue. Following are some of the benefits that make mobile app advertisements necessary:

  • You can carry out targeted marketing
  • It offers accessibility on large basis
  • The size of medium is massive
  • Costs fraction of what other advertisements methods take
  • Generates high response rates
  • It makes tracking simple for app owners

How to Maximize Your Profit with Mobile App Advertising?

People get attracted towards mobile app development when they see similar ideas generating billions of dollars in the market. Apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp are based on ordinary ideas, but with exceptional methods, that make them unique and successful. Developing apps is a complete business that only runs when we have the money coming in. Following are some important points that can help you with generating more ROI through your mobile apps.

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