We are happy to announce a  guest post from Dylan Chadwick, a writer and marketer at Fueled.com

Since the dawn of time, humans have always sought new and exciting ways to accomplish their daily lot  making life easier and testing out anything new and exciting. That’s why gadgets, from the wheel clear down to the smartphone,  have always been  popular, particularly when new to the market. But are they all worth the cost? No. Not all of them. Here are three of the most popular products people are wasting their hard-earned money on every day.

1. Mobile device insurance/warranties – For a new device owner, these services may seem like the responsible thing to do. For a small monthly fee, usually around $10 a month according to iResQ, your smartphone or tablet is covered in case of damage or any other unfortunate scenario. Sort of.

These are the Products That Everyone is Wasting Their Money On

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