Every time a potential or current client asks a question through Google, it is a chance for your brand to deliver the right information on time. This is especially important for mobile, as this may be a spontaneous but urgent search for information. Although today’s marketers are obsessed with the need to assist the customer at the right moment as they go down the marketing funnel, many of them still miss out on the opportunity for Google mobile advertising. Is your company one of those that devotes much time and effort to its mobile strategy and satisfies most client needs?

Reasons You Should Start Google Mobile Advertising Today

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The short moments when there is a need for information are all tightly connected with smartphone use. You should also be aware of the changes in clients’ mindsets. Surprisingly, 90% of smartphone users don’t know which brand they are going to buy from when they start looking for product information online. This means that customer loyalty has lost its former influence, but you also have a chance to fight for some of the competitors’ clients. Moreover, those clients who received the right information on time bought from a different brand than they originally expected to. Research data demonstrate that unaided brand awareness leaps by 46% by showing mobile ads, and over 50% of users find out about a new company while searching for something through a mobile search.

Try using Google on a smartphone to search for your brand category with some typical search queries. Do you see yourself there? Do the same with YouTube. Did you find anything on your company or brand? Find the gaps that you don’t like and can’t afford to lose. Grow your share of interest by introducing mobile search ads and be helpful right when your customers need it most. How do you get started with this?

First, think about all the possible stages of the buying process and learn about the four key types of moment . The first type is the urge for specific information. This is an exploration and research step but the user has not yet decided to make a purchase. Such users need inspiration and basic information about the product category rather than direct advertising. Think about the 60% of smartphone users who Google things right after they’ve seen a commercial on TV to learn more.

Reasons You Should Start Google Mobile Advertising Today

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The second type is a location-based search for stores, entertainment, local businesses or food. This kind of search implies that people are ready to buy from your brand as long as it is close and as long as it is on their location-based search.

The third type is the direct intent of purchase (I want to buy), and you can’t expect these users to look for you. Quite the opposite, you need to catch their attention when they first start Googling. While shopping in a store, 82% of smartphone users use their smartphone to get more information.

The fourth type is the intent to do things, and in this case the most important query is “how to”. This type of search enjoys growth of 70% on YouTube each year, and it is going to get even bigger.

Furthermore, you should look deeper into trending topics and popular searches in your industry, just like with desktop search. The context may be different during business hours and at the weekend, for example. Or, for a nearby location versus faraway locations.

By combining a user’s intent and context, you can compile the most effective and timely marketing messages ever. Check out some amazing case studies about mobile advertising from Google.

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Reasons You Should Start Google Mobile Advertising Today