Field sales reps and on-the-go representatives already have the convenience of showing marketing materials and product presentations on their laptops, but there are drawbacks to doing so. First, connecting to the Internet is not always an option in the field, and we can’t always ensure the rep’s ability to deliver the necessary information on time because so many steps (e.g., sending email, determining whether the client got it, waiting for feedback, arranging the next meeting) are involved. Second, laptops have not resolved the issue of delivering content to a large number of people, which is especially relevant for conferences and event marketing. Third, because today’s users don’t “go online” but instead “live online” with their mobile devices, it’s always better to optimize the sales process and be available 24/7 to share and represent marketing files and brochures in the best manner.

Mobile Sales Tool List Youve Been Waiting For

What are some mobile sales tools you can use to get better results? Can mobile apps help you pull up sales presentations on your iPad or share them instantly with a QR code?

1. Content-based mobile apps. These serve as file sharers and previewers. Some also allow you to download files for offline reading. What sets these mobile sales solutions apart from other solutions is their ability to update files instantly for all app users (which is inconvenient with email marketing and impossible with print materials). They also enable you to spread the word with push notifications that have impressive open rates! While Google Drive or Dropbox frequently have issues due to access and editing problems, such as content distortion, specialized mobile sales apps can save the day. Uploading price lists and product catalogs as well as maintaining and updating them has become a lot easier and user-friendly for sales team members and their clients. In addition, you don’t need to keep all the technical information in your head because you can pull it up in just two or three swipes. You can try the tool at no cost to power up your sales efficiency.

Mobile Sales Tool List Youve Been Waiting For

2. Contact management apps. Sales reps often have to work with massive amounts of contact information. When visiting conferences or having face-to-face meetings, they need a convenient tool to enter contact details on the go. This a perfect scenario for using a mobile app, and most of the client relationship management software systems you are already familiar with have mobile versions offering quick, flawless contact management from a smartphone or tablet.

3. Promo mobile apps. Have you thought about distributing coupons on mobile devices? This may be one of the best promo tools ever because coupons that can be stored on a client’s mobile phone are more convenient, don’t get lost, and are more eco-friendly.

4. Mobile apps for quote requests. Clients are primarily interested in quotes. You may want to add another instrument that enables them ask for your product prices and the conditions of purchase/use. It may be a part of your corporate, sales, or product apps, or you can launch a separate mobile app to gather extended information about your leads (e.g., name, email, phone number, industry, how they are going to use the product, and how they found out about you).

Do you think mobile apps could make your client communications more productive? What other problems do you face in your sales routine? Please share your thoughts and insights.