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Mobile Advertising Trends to Watch in 2015-2016

You may be surprised to learn that whether someone is considered a mobile user doesn’t have anything to do with the size of the mobile device screen used, the ability to check on the most urgent information while on the go, or even the use of geolocation services. According to Google , mobile users are different from desktop users in one simple but essential way: smartphones empower mobile users to make decisions throughout the day. Each time a user makes a decision about a particular life area, whether it is an important decision about a long-term goal and or an immediate decision about a short-term objective, he or she turns to mobile search to get details and help answering questions.

Mobile Advertising Trends to Watch in 2015 2016

However, brands rarely take the opportunities to take over users’ mobile moments because they are not ready to provide mobile users with the necessary content at the right time. Sad but true.

Mobile Advertising Trends to Watch in 2015 2016

People don’t just go online now; instead, they live online. New mobile advertising trends have arisen due to this change. Brands need to start adjusting and providing information when users need to learn more, do something new, or buy something they need. Mobile technology is the key to making that adjustment. As a marketer, you should be aware of three mobile advertising trends:

  • determining a user’s intent and decision-making steps;
  • delivering the necessary content at the right time to help fulfill this intent; and
  • measuring results to improve customer experience.

Research data shows that only 2% of companies have the tools to identify and measure a user’s intents when making a decision about a product. Thus, customers may find the majority of today’s mobile advertising overwhelming and unhelpful. However, companies that invest in mobile measurement technologies are forecasted to have higher profits than other companies.

Mobile Advertising Trends to Watch in 2015 2016

How do you get ahead of the crowd and take advantage of these mobile advertising trends? First, work with your production and marketing teams to set your mobile advertising goals. Enrich customer experiences to keep up with changing customer needs. Make sure your IT and marketing teams are on the same page and ensure that they have access to the most recent customer data from mobile behaviour analyses.

Second, learn more about customers’ contexts and experiences to get a clear picture of their most important decision-making moments. Think of new touchpoints in which you can address customers in a unique, helpful way. Search analytics is the best place to start.

Third, don’t be afraid to invest in new tools that empower your business processes, foster engagement, and help you analyze mobile consumer behaviour. For instance, add a coupon ad based on customer location or context. Invest in your mobile website and your mobile app for maximum customer engagement.

Fourth, involve several KPIs to track these new tools and determine how they affect your profits and your business in general.

Fifth, work with partners if you feel like you can’t cope with some of the business operations.

What upcoming mobile advertising trends would you add to this list?

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  1. Hey Sasha!

    Great job with this post. Really like how you stress the importance of actually measuring mobile’s impact. We just put together a blog post about mobile trends when it comes to PPC and have some really interesting data from actual clients PPC accounts. If you ever wanted to share on of the images you’re more than welcome!

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