Why do enterprises go mobile? The well-known motivation is to build closer relationships with customers. Another important one, empowering internal communications, is frequently overlooked, however. This area is especially important in healthcare, where communications form the cornerstone for preserving health and saving lives, especially regarding the immediate availability of information that enables speedy reactions in crisis situations.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions in Healthcare: the Internal Case

Healthcare mobile enterprise solutions can interconnect patients, sales reps, physicians, pharmacists, and other industry stakeholders in a convenient, user-friendly way. Indeed, the adoption of mobile apps creates opportunities for healthcare organizations to benefit in multiple ways.

  1. Having information readily accessible on tablets or smartphones means sales representatives no longer have to carry bulky printed materials. They have everything they need to show physicians on one device. For added convenience, they can offer to download the internally distributed mobile app to the physician’s device. Sales reps also no longer have to remember specifications and details as these are easily available via the mobile app. These apps are easy to install and usually have high adoption rates as well as high open rates for push messages.
  2. Mobile apps can help track employees to monitor performance and provide extra content as needed. Mobile enterprise solutions for healthcare can include such trackers, which send out pushes or track geolocation to ensure each worker can be easily found. This is particularly relevant for factory and field workers who may be performing dangerous tasks or operating in risky environments.
  3. Healthcare mobile apps that provide built-in capabilities for instant feedback from healthcare stakeholders—including patients, physicians, partners, pharmacists, managers, and medical facilities/services providers—can enhance communications in ways that help grow profits. Think about the increasing number of successfully closed deals, established partnerships, and new contracts you might acquire thanks to the necessary healthcare or equipment information being delivered quickly and easily.Enterprise Mobile Solutions in Healthcare: the Internal Case
  4. As mentioned, organizations can cut costs on printed materials dramatically using enterprise mobile solutions. These savings can be as much as 60 percent in as little as one or two years. This technology is also eco-friendly and more efficient and effective. The shift from print to digital can be absolutely painless with a content-oriented mobile app that allows catalogs and brochures to be uploaded straight to mobile devices. This changeover will also eliminate the cost of storing and shipping printed materials.
  5. Outsourcing the development of content-based mobile apps can be a cost-effective, efficient, and productive solution for organizations that do not have an in-house mobile app development team. These professional firms help clients build and maintain enterprise-oriented mobile apps to suit all of their internal and external needs.

If you have ideas on how mobile enterprise solutions can further benefit healthcare organizations and institutions, please share them here.