Even before having a cup of coffee or tea, most smartphone users have already opened a mobile app. They may use an app to find their way to the mall, checking the day’s weather, turn off their alarm, or log their breakfast into a calorie tracker.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of making decisions, especially considering the time users spend browsing products (about 30 hours every month, according to Nielsen research). By marketing your mobile app, you can build closer relationships with clients and power up other marketing communication channels, such as promo events, special offers, and coupons. Remember that users open about 90% of all the push notifications brands send. Mobile websites help because users can open the same content on their desktop computers or mobile devices using Facebook, Twitter, and other mobile apps. This ensures that your message is universally flexible.

How People Abandon Mobile Apps & What Can Be Done


However, the competition for customers’ attention is very high. Although many developers and marketers work hard to attract new clients, they keep losing the old ones. Research shows that users never open 1 in 4 apps again after they open the app for the first time. Can brands resist this problem and still stay on top? Sure. Let’s look at some interesting insights from a Google study about how and why people abandon apps and what can be done.

How People Abandon Mobile Apps & What Can Be Done

Source: Google Research

First, mobile apps are mainly found through searches, but they’re not necessarily AppStore searches. People learn about apps from YouTube, blogs, and friends’ recommendation. About 25% of all mobile apps are found through searches. A brand’s task is to make the mobile app discoverable in every possible location. Search ads are one of the most effective ad formats for increasing your downloads. Your ad should be visible when a user searches for the specific thing your product offers.

Second, customer retention in mobile apps is the key to success. It’s easier to sell new in-app purchases or new mobile apps to an existing audience than to attract new customers. People love apps that simplify their lives. For example, many modern apps have geo and movement trackers that trigger special offers when a client is inside a store or next to a particular product stand. Work hard to provide clients with information about the product and customer reviews, and they will be several steps closer to the end of the marketing funnel.

How People Abandon Mobile Apps & What Can Be Done

Therefore, it is important that you clearly explain your mobile app’s value and work on developing incentives to reengage lost clients (i.e., those who forgot about your app but didn’t delete it). Coupons and special offers work great for retail and travel, while bonus content or +1 offers help in games, publishing, and productivity apps.

Enrich your apps by including deep links and mobile app engagement advertising to inspire your customers to come back. Users who already have a mobile app they need on their smartphone but have just forgotten about it are more likely to use it again. Remind users about the app’s presence and offer a discount immediately—this will convert an almost-lost client into a loyal one.

How do you reengage customers? Have you tried any of the tools mentioned above?