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Mobile as a Game Changer for Today’s Shopping

Mobile ensures that shopping never sleeps. You are very likely to put your smartphone next to you before going to bed, and many of us indulge ourselves by browsing late at night. Mobile apps have the highest rates for average time spent per session while mobile websites are required for being found by a mobile search. In fact, many people have a habit, even a reflex, for looking for information on mobile.

Mobile as a Game Changer for Todays Shopping

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Today’s mobile shopping has altered a lot thanks to product reviews that shoppers can instantly view without stepping outside the store. You don’t need to plan a purchase ahead like you used to with a desktop – all the information is always there in your pocket. This doesn’t mean that consumers are eager to buy the cheapest product available – instead, they identify a better fit by themselves, a better price–quality trade-off and the most wanted features. Customers think it’s essential that they can now consider purchases whenever it is convenient and they have more time in which to make the final decision. The more times a customer thinks over a purchase, the higher is the probability of them making the purchase and their satisfaction with the outcome. Amazingly, 93% of those who use mobile searches for product or price information, end up buying, while 82% turn to smartphones in a store, according to Google’s “Mobile Path to Purchase” research.

Mobile as a Game Changer for Todays Shopping

Another Google consumer survey revealed that 25% of consumers change their minds about a purchase after reading about the item on their smartphone. This statistic shouldn’t scare you, because brands now have an amazing chance to become shopping assistants to their customers while they are browsing. Moreover, mobile apps can make things easier with features like product scanning and pull-out product ratings, reviews and articles from the Internet.

Considering that most people search for what they are looking for before actually stepping into a store, mobile advertising guarantees higher customer conversion rates (especially with local ads for retail stores) and it increases the number of happy customers.

Product reviews are posted on various platforms in textual and visual forms, and watching YouTube videos is one of the things consumers love most. These include “first impression” videos in which customers share their first experience with a product they bought, “product review” videos giving all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product, “sneaker pickup” videos about prizes won in contests, and “haul” videos about stuff just purchased. Meanwhile, the demand for both producing and watching such videos grows constantly.

Brands should realize that the customers who have watched or read product reviews are much further down the marketing funnel than others, and they are very likely to buy. In fact, 65% of all companies experience a big shift in the interest for a brand after people have had the chance to watch a YouTube video.

Surprisingly, big decisions such as an auto or home purchase are also made based on mobile browsing. This is mostly relevant for the start and middle of the purchase cycle. When they have free time, people check what is available and what they can actually afford.

Delivering relevant messages, being there during the research and at the decision-making moment, finding out exactly when customers think of your product category, and analyzing the cross-platform and dynamic activity through mobile or desktop analytics are all essential for enjoying the benefits of a mobile marketing channel.

What would you add? Got some interesting statistics to share?

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