Using social media is not easy even though it might appear to be. Just registering your mobile app on Facebook won’t guarantee success and good sales. Social media is about building relations with users and attracting potential customers. If you don’t mess things up with distracting ads and you can build trust, your community will grow into loyal clients and brand advocates. Success on social media is connected with setting yourself up as an expert in your sphere and winning the respect of your audience.

Start Using Social Media for Mobile App Promotion

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On social media, you will get a unique chance to join communities of people from all over the world who share the same interests. Joining a community is very similar to visiting a party – for success, you need to get around quickly and have just short discussions. Think about your time and effort – will you be able to stay active in multiple communities or forums simultaneously? It’s better to concentrate on 1-3 instead.

If you join an online community or social network and start advertising your mobile app at once, you might get an unpleasant surprise. Some users will either criticize you badly or ignore you totally. You need to earn your place as a valuable member of the community. You will get the best results by building relationships with prominent experts and active users. The main rules for promoting a mobile app on social media include the following:

  • The earlier you start talking about your company and your brand, the better. Don’t hope to get a wave of word-of-mouth referrals a week or two after you published your mobile app. In real life, meeting your best friends takes time, and the same is true of the Internet. Get registered on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and websites with reviews of mobile apps, and start to spread the word. If your mobile app is unique, don’t include too many details. This will stimulate people’s interest, and you can talk about it even before the actual programming is complete! If your app has great features that people want compared to the well-known apps, let your audience know. Your marketing should always be one step ahead of your production. You can get subscribers on Facebook by advertising ahead of publishing your mobile app so when you launch press releases and videos, and your clients look at your website for the first time, the support from several thousand people will automatically add to your authority. What is your experience? What social network was the most effective for your audience?

Start Using Social Media for Mobile App Promotion

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  • Stay active. To maintain attention, you need to post comments regularly. Share information and join groups that discuss the apps in the same category. Quora is one of the best options for following customers’ interest in your product and your app category in general. Moreover, you can ask questions yourself and find users who would like to answer them. Share information that could be of use to others, and after you gain some respect, inform your followers about your published app. Think about the amount of information you will reveal before publishing the app, as your competition may copy your ideas.
  • Advertise your product to bloggers and influencers. Over time, it will become easier for you to ask influential users to discuss your app in their reviews. This can significantly boost your sales if the blogs are popular and frequently shared.
  • Write several articles and posts about your industry. This applies whether your industry is jewelry, finance, web design, fashion or anything else. People love structured articles with catchy headlines and good points. “88 Tips On…” or “The Breathtaking Truth About…” will stir curiosity and inspire people to learn more about you, your company and your products. You can publish articles on your own blog or popular platforms and websites that call for authors.
  • Start Using Social Media for Mobile App Promotion

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  • Offer guest posts to as many websites and blogs as possible. Make sure, though, you check on the quality of and traffic to a website before starting to cooperate. Opt for the most popular blogs first, and collaborate with companies that have the potential to become your partners in the future. Host guest bloggers on your own blog too. Many writers are happy to share their work and attract a new audience. A new face can boost interest among your readers.

What is your attitude to social networks? How do you envision the mobile app promotion process with the help of social pages? Any bright ideas?