According to recent research by Forrester, 8 of 10 senior mobile marketers are primarily concerned about customer engagement, and 55% of them seek to do so through a mobile presence. The same study indicates that modern marketers recognize mobile apps to be more effective than SMS or even mobile-optimized emails. As the entire landscape of ecommerce is currently changing and requires each company to have its own mobile app, a highly responsive and cross-platform website, and a strategy for mobile app engagement, you need to work on your perfect strategy. To improve your engagement rate, here are a few keys to your customers’ hearts:

–       Simplicity. Most likely, it’s easy for you to imagine how overloaded with information your customers are, because we all are. Remember to keep things simple with a clean design. The number of actions and elements on the screen should be reduced to a minimum (2 to 4 clicks and 3 to 5 elements).

The Holy Grail Strategies of Mobile App Engagement

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–       Data. The information about your app users that you acquire through special data tools is precious, since knowing your target audience can give you insights about how to engage with them and strengthen your brand. Use each opportunity to build a sharper portrait of your perfect customer.

–       Personalization. According to the Adobe CMO Blog, push notifications resolve the problems of getting your customers to remember your app, understanding its functionality, creating a habitual usage pattern and rewarding them with personalized gifts. Retention and engagement can grow up to four times, and the users with push notifications turned on are the heaviest app users.

However, remember that the message should be valuable and personalized – don’t repeat the mistakes marketers did for years with SMS and emails! Try using Facebook or Google+ logins for the app entrance to grab the most important customer profile information. When you’ve figured out who is using your mobile app and how they do so, you can personalize the customers’ experience with unique push notifications, promos, or QR codes.

–       Knowledge availability and focused content. According to a Gartner study, rational customer engagement through systematically ‘teaching’ your customers to make the best use of your products, is one of the key ways for developing an appropriate deep understanding of your products and your company. The key elements are quality, detail, value, and innovation. In an age of over-personalized media, consumers will decide how and when they communicate with brands.

The Holy Grail Strategies of Mobile App Engagement

–       Control. This is another point about push notifications, but focused on giving your customers the freedom to receive the messages they actually want. For example, requesting an opt-in for push notifications during the first few minutes of using an app is not reasonable because the app will not yet have built sufficient trust.

Besides, letting your customers choose the type and the frequency of push notifications will easily double your opt-in rate. Push notifications correspond with today’s most important mobile marketing attributes: immediacy, context, and intimacy – don’t lose any of them!

–       Employee solutions. The frontline of your brand is your employees, and the ease of communication inside your company and outside its borders is definitely improved by using mobile apps, including for content distribution and with convenient dashboard solutions. Employees empowered by mobile will add more value to customers.

By building a lively and dynamic sales process with mobile apps, businesses will give their clients an unforgettable personalized experience and an opportunity to have fun engaging with the brand. In your opinion, what are the other implications of mobile apps? What ideas for the efficient use of mobile apps do you have in mind? We are hungry for your comments, so go ahead!

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The Holy Grail Strategies of Mobile App Engagement