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Having problems creating a mobile app? Custom app development is too costly, too time-consuming and there are too many risks. The online services for constructing apps are not particularly easy to use and not as stylish as they look at first sight. With, you can create mobile apps for iOS and Android devices today. Just upload a PDF to and it will be published for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets in a few seconds. You can also update your PDFs with one click if any content changes. It's that simple.

Establish a direct communication channel to your clients and business partners

Now you can distribute your content to mobile devices as soon as it's created. There are no additional iterations for communication and approvals – just save your document as a PDF and publish. No one else is required. There’s nobody to waste your time, energy or money when completing the job – it’s just you and your important audience. The push technology will ensure they are aware of your new publications and you can send short text messages to inform them of the most important news.

Please your readers with convenient navigation and a stylish look

Annoyed with inconvenient navigation for PDFs on your mobile phone? Mad with the scrolling and zooming? Your clients and business partners feel the same. Start using and please everyone with perfect framing, navigation and zooming of your content on mobile devices. You don't need to worry about content distortion anymore.

Great news! Finally, magazines can be conveniently read on small smartphone screens. Double tap the text block and it will fit to the screen.

Publish large documents to mobile devices like a pro

Fast access and comfortable reading of a 1000-page document on a mobile device without a Wi-Fi connection, really? Yes! Each page is downloaded separately, so while the viewer is looking at the first page, other pages are downloading in the background – the reader doesn't even notice the downloading. Moreover, once a document has been opened on a mobile app, it is automatically downloaded to the device, where it can be read later even without an internet connection.

For example, if a traveler starts to read a tourist guide in her taxi on the way to the airport (3G), then the guide becomes fully downloaded to her device while she is checking in (Wi-Fi), and in the plane she can comfortably continue to study the guide, switching between pages and back to the table of contents with no delay caused by downloading (offline).

Publish to the App Store and Google Play Market

Want to name your mobile apps after your company and use your logo as an icon? Do your apps need to be searchable in the App Store and Google Play Market? Are you dreaming of a Newsstand app for a reasonable price? was created to fulfil all your desires – it’s fast, convenient and classy.

Get your mobile apps as easy as ABC

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  • B Pick a color theme
  • C Set login for your account